Emile De Cosmo

As long as I have been interested in jazz improvisation and the saxophone I have seen adds in Downbeat and other magazines that said "Develop Big Ears". While in high school I had the opportunity to attend one of Emile De Cosmo's master classes at a local summer jazz festival where the author made his first impact on me.

Recently I had the opportunity to look over some of the books in Emile De Cosmo's Polytonal Rhythm Series and it was refreshing to look at "shedding" in a new light. The series begins with The Dianonic Cycle and continiues with studies in all aspects of the scales used in jazz improvisation. More recently Emile De Cosmo has added the well-known Woodshedding Source Book published through Hal Leonard. The newer series does not negate the use of the Polytonal Rhythm Series but does add a Cd with tracks to practice along with.

Emile and Laura De Cosmo have overseen new updated and expanded editions of this popular series. The new, updated books on The Diatonic Cycle and The Cycle of Fifths are jam-packed with hundreds of pages of vital information. The new covers and layout are very appealing and the information speaks for itself.

In Emile De Cosmo's own words, "there are no shortcuts" to learning jazz improvisation. His books and cds will provide you with countless hours of challenging, eye and ear-opening practice.

Congrats to Emile De Cosmo on releasing another great series of books through Hal Leonard. These books are available through music and bookstores nationwide, or through www.MusicDispatch.com


This material was reviewed by Skip Spratt