-Distance Learning for Aspiring Saxophonists-
There is no substitute for a highly-qualified private instructor. Regular practice and consistent instruction is essential to your musical growth on the saxophone.
Many players like yourself realize the need for instruction and guidance. The lack of a qualified saxophone instructor in your area should not stop you. The inability to travel to a regularly scheduled lesson doesn’t need to impede your progress.
If you have the desire to learn, you WILL learn through remote lessons on Zoom with Skip.

In the past many progressing saxophonists sought out the Lessons by Mail approach offered by SaxShed.com. Many LBM students were working professionals who played saxophone semi-professionally, in community groups or just for fun and relaxation.
In an effort to help these students through LBM, a pattern began to appear. The same few very popular lessons were sent out over and over. Sound improvisational concepts coupled with solid saxophone technique are what most are looking for here at SaxShed.com.

Now the information can easily be shared via Remote Lessons on Zoom in real time.

*These courses are not recommended for students with no prior playing experience. i.e. absolute beginners.
Each student is able to work at their own pace, using thier own style of learning.

Poplular Lessons
II-V7-I in Major (12 Keys)
Pentatonics and More (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy)
Tricks and Licks Part I
II-V7-I in Minor (12 Keys)
Pentatonics, Blues and Much More (Sugar)
Tricks and Licks Part II
Diminished Scales (3 scales for 12 Keys)
Harlem Nocturne (Smooth Jazz Simplified)
Understanding Minor Modes – “Fourprints”
II7 and Whole Tone
Smooth Jazz – More Than Just Blues Licks
Satin Doll and More
New students: Order the first two lessons and recieve your third lesson FREE!!!
If you would like more information about studying Saxophone or Improvisation for any ability level. please contact Skip Spratt via EMAIL (skipsax at gmail dot com)
Soon, a convenient, affordable course of study can begin without leaving your home and YOU WILL be able to achieve your musical goals.
I look forward to helping you reach your fullest potential!