Sue Terry - Practice Like The ProsSue Terry's new book "Practice Like the Pros" is a great resource for intermediate and particularly advanced saxophonists. The book and two cd set offers an insightful look into the practice routines of several professional saxophonists in the New York area. "Included are exercises and tips relating to tecnique, tone and intonation, musicianship, scales and chords, articulation, ear training, and much more."

The book delivers both written explanations of all the excercises and the cd offers verbal and musical examples by each of the 20 "pros". Both men and women, classical and jazz saxophonists are represented. There is definitely something for everyone in the 40 pages and two cds.

Each exercise or example is presented by artist in alphabetical order, not in progressive order. Some of the examples are rather rudimentary, yet others are quite challanging. Younger players with less experience will need some direction with this reference. Any qualified sax teacher should be able to guide them with the task. The book lists at $16.95 in the US.

The high-gloss cover will likely attract younger players, however it really seems best suited to the more advanced player. A good, self-motivated high school or college student who is looking for a challenge or a new perspective can benefit greatly from the use of this package. Teachers and professionals alike should also find many ideas for their own practice or their students'.

Thanks to Sue Terry for organizing this varied group of professional saxophonists. Their insight is invaluable and the material an inspiration…got to go shed now!….

This material was reviewed by Skip Spratt