This is sort of a “thank you” page to all those who have inspired me and shared information over the years. Much of the material included on The Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute Sheds came from them…..all great teachers.


Joe Viola at Berklee College of music, for showing me how to play in tune and approach the saxophone differently than I had ever dreamed.

Ron Kerber at The University of the Arts, for helping me appreciate classical saxophone and become truly creative while behind the instrument.

Bill Zaccagni at U of Arts, for giving me an appreciation for traditional forms of saxophone and big band lead alto playing.

Larry McKenna of Philly, for turning jazz improvisation into a simple combination of scales, patterns and a well-developed ear.

Jim Odgren of Berklee, for being a true inspiration and model. He loaded me up with so much information on jazz improvisation that I am still processing it some 20 years later!

Jim Russo of Northbridge High School, who made playing the saxophone seem like the coolist thing in the world. He really fostered my interest in jazz and improvisation for the first time.

Tony Salicandro of Rowan College and U of Arts, for taking me under his wing when I was first learning what it takes be a good teacher. Also, for showing me how the flute was REALLY meant to be played. Thanks for the intoducing me to Bach and Debussy.

Bill Garton saxophone “guru” of South Jersey, for sharing ALL his wonderful “secrets” on teaching saxophone and clarinet. There is no better teacher than Bill.

Bob Quaile for being one of the most well-rounded musicians and for being the catalyst that changed my future. He introduced me to another world of woodwind players and was the first person to show me how to approach the clarinet.

Gia Salicandro Walton for being one great clarinet teacher. She helped me sound like a genuine clarinet player, which is not the easiest task for a woodwind doubler. Mozart rules!

Barry Portnoy for showing me that the clarinet is NOT a saxophone!