Dick Oatts Solo CollectionSaxophonist Dan Bayliss has just released The Dick Oatts Solo Collection book. The comprehensive, 73 page transcription book is available through Oatts’ own site, www.dickoattsmusic.com.

Assembling more than just a compilation of transcriptions, Dan Bayliss skillfully weaves biographical information and tips on style into this impressive body of work. The forward by Oatts himself as well as the preface to the book speak to the level of detail Bayliss has put into this book.

The transcriptions in The Dick Oatts Solo Collection are derived from three of his albums on Steeplechase – Standard Issue, Standard Issue Vol. 2 and One for Bird with trumpeter Red Rodney. Dick Oatts penned a few originals for those recordings, however all of the transcriptions in this compilation by Bayliss are jazz standards.

Although I have yet to sit down with horn and book, I have checked it out cover to cover. It appears to be a great source for sight reading material and I look forward to utilizing it for just that! Dan Bayliss wisely recommends accessing the original recordings to further understand articulation, time and feel.

While The Dick Oatts Solo Collection is a comprehensive study aid into the life and playing of this wonderful player, there are only a couple points in need of clarification. It would be helpful to have tempo markings at the beginning of each transcription as a reference for sight reading. Secondly, the section within Oatts’ biography on “Time Feel, Sound and Doubling” could possibly be moved to its own expanded section. The current placement and awkward wording is well intended but would benefit from clarification.

In the end, Dan Bayliss has produced and marketed a wonderful transcription book in The Dick Oatts Solo Collection. Thank you to Dan for making me aware of this great resource. It would be a valued addition to any bookshelf, practice room, or teaching studio. You can buy your copy at www.dickoattsmusic.com.