Study Materials

Basic Scales/Arpeggios
Major Scales
Mr. Saxophone Scales (Jr. High)
Major Arpeggio (several keys)
Chromatic Scales
Minor Scales
Saxophone Scales (Full Range)Study Guides
The Saxophone Guide
Garton’s Goodies
The Flute Guide
The Clarinet Guide

Practice Helpers
Practice Chart
Cycle of 4ths and 5ths
Modes Explained

For Doublers
Sal Lozano Flute Warm-ups
Sal Lozano Clarinet Warm-ups
Flute Scales
Mr. Flute Scales (Jr. High)
Moyse Flute Warm Up
All Clarinet Scales
Mr. Clarinet Scales (Jr. High)

Warm Ups
Tonguing Exercises
Warm-Up (Octaves)
Warm-up (5ths)

Tone/Sound Builders
Vibrato Study

Jazz Scales/Patterns
Bebop 7th 12 Keys
Blues for Bebop 7th
Some Minor Chord Scales
Understanding Minors
Basic Jazz Scales
Mixolydian Scales
Modes Explained
Pentatonic Scales/Licks
More Pentatonics
Major ii-V7-I Patterns
II-V-I Patterns w / MIDIs!
Minor ii-V7-I Patterns
Ladybird Turnaround
3 Forms of Minor over ii-V7-I
Licks Major, Minor, Dominant
Diminished Patterns

Blank Music Papers (variour formats)