If you would like something not currently published, I can be hired to transcribe most solos for a flat fee of $100.* (melody, solo and chord changes) 

As you may already know, transcribing involves a lot of patience and keen listening skills. Although each one of us gets better as we continue to transcribe, it remains a time-consuming proposition. If you have the money but not the time or well-developed ear, perhaps this service is for you.

Should you choose to hire me you can pay via PayPal.com. (type address skip sax at sax shed dot com) *Please contact me by email prior to paypal payment to confirm the flat fee is available for the work you are requesting. 

In addition to the transcription service, SaxShed.com offers several services to help players of all ages and abilities. 

1) Screencast Lessons – “Walk Through and Analysis” of your transcription for an additional fee. 

2) Lessons by Skype “ShedCam” in realtime – The next best thing to being there in person for a private saxophone lesson. 

3) Screencast Lessons in Transcription Technique for beginning to intermediate transcribers.

Thank you for your interest in SaxShed.com and it’s services.

Stay well and play well.