Tipbook - SaxophoneThe Tipbook Company and Hal Leonard Publishing have released several comprehensive resources for the modern musician. Tipbook Saxophone by Hugo Pinksterboer labels itself, “The best guide to your instrument!” It certainly is a valuable resource, particularly for the student looking for common information that cannot wait until the next saxophone lesson.

At a glance, Tipbook Saxophone looks well laid out, attractive and comprehensive with 222 pages. Upon closer inspection, I found the book to be filled with hundreds of helpful tips (no pun intended) and bits of information. Fingering charts, pictures and diagrams of the instrument and parts make this an easy to understand text.

One cool feature for those who enjoy the internet is the interactive component to this Tipbook series. Within the book (and further outlined on p. 176) there are “tipcodes” for further information. Videos, animations and diagrams can be accessed at tipcode.com by entering the supplied code.

After reading through much of this 3rd edition of Tipbook Saxophone, I was amazed by the cross-section of information covered within this one book. There is even a note in the forward asking, “Anything missing?” A link to contact them is provided to report anything they have missed. Despite the wealth of information included here, breathing, diaphragm, breath support and air were tough to find. A search through the glossary and index provided no results either. I did use the link and sent an email asking if I had overlooked this information within the book. If it is not included here you can be sure to find it in the next edition. Congratulations to The Tipbook Company for working to constantly improve their products.

So in the end, if you are looking to find out more about anything saxophone, Tipbook Saxophone is a GREAT place to start. This resource, along with a good private instructor should help any player further their knowledge of the instrument and its intimate workings.


Tipbook Saxophone: The Complete Guide can be purchased at Amazon.

Skip Spratt