Sal has earned a much coveted seat among “the guys” in L.A. Equally adept at playing all the saxophones and woodwinds, Sal is the guy others want sitting next to them in the section. He is capable and confident. Although Sal himself is a saxophone force to be reckoned with, he can be heard singing the praises of other talents around him. The respect and the admiration he has for his contemporaries is genuine and he often gives credit where due. “There are a handful of people who raise the bar as far as I’m concerned. One of them is a man named Gene Cipriano…Bob Sheppard is an incredible lead alto player and most people see him as a tenor player…Dan (Higgins) and Eric (Marienthal) are both wonderful to hear. They both bring something different to the table…Bill Liston…is an absolutely phenomenal musician, composer, arranger, woodwind player and monster improviser.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to be Sal Lozano’s guest at a local concert in New Jersey. He was playing the 2nd chair in Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band. A couple weeks prior to the concert, Sal sent an email to me introducing himself and the upcoming concert in my area. My response was, “I know who you are Sal…maybe I can interview you so others can know you better.” The concert was phenomenal. It was great to see 20 world-class studio players playing jazz and movie music, live on stage in this setting. The near-flawless performance left many with their jaws hanging after the performance.

Sal Lozano and I spoke briefly following the concert and then again several times over the next few weeks. His busy schedule allowed us to talk at length – thanks to cell phones! We spoke via phone while he was at home outside L.A., driving into Boston and driving to and from various gigs in Southern California. This interview is a compilation of the many conversations we had while I got to know Sal a bit better – something I truly have enjoyed.

Sal, I’m glad we were able to connect. You are likely on your way to a gig.

I’m on my way to a concert with trumpeter Wayne Bergeron’s Band.

You’re busy as usual.

Thank God for that. That’s right.

 Tell me what’s on your plate this week.

I’m going to be in D.C. on Thursday until Monday and then I have a theater gig back here in L.A. for a week.

Tell me about the gig in D.C. Is it with Gordon again?


You can find out more about Sal Lozano at and


Sal Lozano’s Equipment List

Soprano Saxophone
Yamaha YSS 62 – Selmer Hard Rubber – Vandoren Reeds

Alto Saxophone
Selmer Mark VI (1959) – Meyer Bros.- Vandoren Reeds

Tenor Saxophone
Selmer Mark VI (1960) – Otto Link Metal – Vandoren Reeds

Baritone saxophone
Selmer Mark VI (1978) – Berg Larsen Hard Rubber – Vandoren

Flute Powell C Flute, Jupiter-Dimedici Alto and Bass Flutes

Piccolo Zentner

Clarinet Buffet R13 Bb, A, Eb and Bass – Vandoren Reeds

Assorted Penny Whistles and Recorders