I first met Baron somewhere on the Internet – most likely a saxophone site. Soon Thereafter, I was getting regular e-mails telling of his upcoming performances in NYC with different bands, many times filled with New Yorks best known rock musicians. One e-mail had a picture of Baron complete with his "rock saxophone stage persona" attached. Another was a reminder of his upcoming appearance with Rod Stewart on the Rosie ODonnell Show. I was intrigued. It was on that show that I first heard him play.



The interview started with our minds on September 11 events but gradually shifted to our common interest – the saxophone.

The tragedy of September 11 is on everyone's mind. you're so involved in the NY scene. Have the recent events affected you personally?

Fortunately for me, no they havent. I have a friend who is a guitar player and he was in the Holland Tunnel, near Ground Zero. He is having a tough time dealing with what he experienced when he exited the tunnel in Manhattan. What was really strange was that I had a Friday night gig set for September 14 at the World Trade Center that was obviously canceled.

That must have been a very strange feeling. What was that gig all about and where was the club?

It was to be in "Windows of the World". They were going to feature a different artist each week. It was something new they were trying.

You really didnt have a long history with that club. This was something new?

Bob Magnusson recommended me. He does a lot of commercial work. He couldnt do it so he recommended me.

It was never meant to happen.

No. It wasnt. Ill tell you, there are lots of players concerned about shows. Ive been subbing on Love Janice at the Village Theater. Lots of players are concerned about the attendance of the shows, as many people in New York are. I was actually supposed to do the show but I got called to do the tour with Rod (Stewart).


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