On March 13, Ed Calle released his fifth solo project on Concord Records. Yes, it's a smooth jazz CD, but Calle manages to keep his musical integrity intact while "staying within the format."

I first heard Ed play when parachute pants were popular. At the time of this writing, they seem to be back in style again! I became aware of Ed Calle's sound way back in the early 80's in South Florida. I had been touring with a show band, playing clubs and casinos across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The lead singer was doing an album of his own material and had enough time to record while gigging in Hialeah, outside Miami Beach. He hired the best local studio musicians to back this solo project and Ed Calle was the saxophone soloist. It was burning. No, not bebop burnin' but burnin' in a pop/rock sort of way – melodic, lyrical and EXCITING!

Throughout the interview, Ed was candid and always entertaining. Even in conversation, he is the entertainer. His candor in responses was refreshing. Ed has a strong ego, as many successful musicians do. He is proud, assertive and quite frankly, very sure of himself. During the interview he pulled no punches and made no apologies. Ed Calle had no problem telling it how it is. Enjoy the ride! I did.


The first time I ever heard you was on a demo tape back in the early 80's. You probably don't remember the session, as it was probably one of many at that time.

I don't remember anything that I play on. I lost track. I hear things now on the radio and wonder if it was me! If it was memorable, it will come back. Otherwise, you end up reading about it sometimes and it's weird.

Has it ever happened that you hear something, start to dig it and then realize it was you?

Yeah. I talked to Mike Brecker about that and he cracked me up. He said the same thing happens to him. He'll be driving in his car, hear something and really like it for about 10 seconds. When he realizes it's him, he hates it! (laughs)

I think that's what motivates a lot of good players. You're never satisfied. If we were satisfied, we wouldn't play. We wouldn't bother.

I think that's true. It's unfortunate or fortunate I guess, whichever way you want to look at it. This instrument, the saxophone, just has such a…the bar has been set so high by so many people, in so many different ways…I can't imagine that anyone walks around saying "I got it down."

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