By Walt Weiskopf and Ed Rosenberg

Beyond The Horn

Every teacher has had a student who out shadows all others who came before.  Ed Rosenberg was “that student” for me. I had the pleasure to work with Ed for about 5 years as a private saxophone student of mine. He always kept me on my toes and it was a great pleasure to help prepare him for a career in music. Ed went on to Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. There he studied with both Ramon Ricker and Walt Weiskopf. Now Ed and Walt Weiskopf have penned this very comprehensive (and challenging book) entitled Beyond the Horn. The book is filled with strategic exercises and patterns based upon using larger intervals and octave displacement in improvisation. Following the exercises are 20 skillfully written etudes to further demonstrate the concepts. Many of the etudes are based on jazz standards, further connecting the advanced concepts with common jazz literature. This book offers a challenge to any saxophonist looking to further their improvisational abilities. The exercises and etudes also offer ample opportunity to work on agility and facility as well as comprehensive sightreading.

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