Jazz Saxophone DuetsGreg Fishman has done it again! His new book, Jazz Saxophone Duets is a great follow up to his first book, Jazz Etudes for Saxophone. The Book and Three CD Play-Along Set offers 10 duets for alto and/or tenor saxophone. As in the first book, Fishman offers some valuable information in the preface. He covers Idiomatic Conception, the Outlining of Goals as well as the Style and Analysis of the duet writing. The 10 duets are straightforward and straight-ahead. There’s some fun, hard-swinging music to play with a grooving rhythm section behind you. One of the best features of the book is the way it is laid out. In the beginning it is set up for two same saxophones. You can play two altos or two tenors and use the appropriate accompanying CD. Half way through the book, Fishman offers the same duets for alto and tenor combined. He also addresses the issue of range in a clever and refreshing way. The alto andtenor parts both make perfect sense. As he says in the preface, “If you’ve ever tried playing an alto solo transposed for tenor (or vice-versa), youknow that the transposed version o f the solo never seems to “lay right”on the non-native horn.” Kudos to Greg Fishman for supplying the jazz saxophone community withanother winner. This is certain to become a staple in many saxophone studios and on many player’s shelves.

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