Posi-Tone Records continues to feature new, young and talented jazz saxophonists. Most recently two such talents have released their newest efforts on CD.

Tom Tallitsch’s “Heads or Tales” and Brandon Wright’s “Journey Man” represent just two of the fine recordings available from Posi-Tone.

Tom Tallitsch’s “Heads or Tales” Press Release reads:


“Tom Tallitsch unleashes a big sound and lets his horn do the talking with “Heads or Tales,” his debut CD for Posi-Tone. Joining Tallitsch on the date is label mate organist Jared Gold, along with the steadfast rhythm section of guitarist Dave Allen and drummer Mark Ferber. Featuring a program of exciting new compositions, and one tasty Neil Young cover thrown 

in for good measure, this session flows like a compelling collection of short stories, and will certainly speak volumes to discerning listeners about the quality Tallitsch’s talent as player and as a composer. With a delicate balance of modernity and classic aesthetics, “Head or Tales” is insightfully straight ahead and refreshingly melodic enough to evoke a wide assortment of bright moments in jazz fans everywhere.”

Posi-Tone RecordingsBrandon Wright’s Press Release reads:

“Brandon Wright swings out his axe and unleashes a big sound on “Journeyman,” his second release for Posi-Tone Records. Joining Wright on the date is the familiar rhythm section of pianist David Kikoski, bassist Boris Kozlov, and drummer Donald Edwards. With a program of exciting original compositions, and a few tasty covers, the whole session swings into action and shines with bright moments. Wright has noticeably moved to another level. Avid listeners will certainly agree that the record is a hard-hitting performance that will encourage jazz enthusiasts to travel along with the “Journeyman” in amazement and delight.”

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