Saxophonist and Berklee College of Music professor Fred Lipsius recently released his spiritual recording Only Love Exists. The project was written and produced by Lipsius and recorded at Audioworks Recording Studio in Medford, Ma – just outside Boston.

Lipsius who is probably best known for being the original saxophonist in the group Blood, Sweat and Tears has been active as a teacher and musician for many years. Here on Only Love Exists, he is featured on keyboards and woodwinds. Joe Petruzzelli also adds electric drums and Kathy Ziquin can be heard on vocals as well.

Most of the tracks do have saxophone and woodwinds in the orchestrations, however Leaving the Wheel (of Reincarnation) and Rumi are the only songs to predominantly feature Lipsius on tenor saxophone. Alto saxophone is also featured on Thank You God for Love. The introduction to Six-Pointed Star showcases Fred Lipsius on a beautifully written and executed clarinet melody and improvisation. This is one of my favorite moments within Only Love Exists.

The tracks are peaceful, reflective and suitable for meditation. The overall feel and ambiance is that of a New Age recording whether by design or not. According to Lipsius, “As a member of Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God, I’ve performed most of these pieces at Eckankar seminars around the USA over the last 30 years, using a variety of musical settings and orchestrations.”

The religious overtones are ever-present on Only Love Exists, however they are never more apparent than during A Message from the Ancient One. Lipsius’ narrative is accompanied by some tasty alto sax as well as a lovely orchestration performed on the Kurzweil K200 and K2500.

Whether you are seeking music with a message or songs for meditation, Fred Lipsius’ Only Love Exists will not disappoint. For the saxophonists and woodwind players out there, Lipsius is another shining example of what years of dedication to their craft can produce.

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