The 10 contemporary jazz songs on Out Of The Box feature Prybylski on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. His early influences of Tom Scott, Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire can be heard throughout this well executed and produced recording. The smooth jazz saxophonist is joined by Rob DeBoer, Tony Grace, Michael Miskuly and Andy Scott who also penned some of the compositions.

The balance of the CD includes covers of Rod Stewarts’ Do You Think I’m Sexy and Duran Duran’s Save A Prayer. Notably, Michael Miskuly’s violin and Prybylski’s soprano offer a lovely, although less-heard instrumentation on Save a Prayer.

All of the tunes such as Head Hunter and Down To It are well suited to smooth jazz radio, presumably the target market. It is interesting to note there are times when the tracks take on a bit of a retro feel. This is apparent with the double tracked (ala Tom Scott) saxophone and wah-wah guitar on Head Hunter. A few seventies-esque clap tracks can also be heard along the way, giving credence to the retro sound.

In the end, Jack Prybylski’s Out Of The Box should do well in its target market. The sound is a familiar one with Prybylski’s adding his own unique twist.

Jack Prybylski is endorsed by Yamaha saxophones, Rico reeds, AMT microphones, Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces and Saxrax sax stands.

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