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Here’s One For Billy Z.

Hi, Skip Spratt here and welcome to my blog. There have been some new things going on around here and you will likely notice the additions when you stop by the site. Transcriptions and Tools in the Shed continue to grow, as well as the review section’s array of books, cds and other publications. Bob […]

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Blow Danny Blow

Saxophone players like myself who cut their teeth on the contemporary jazz and dance music of the 70s and 80s remember what it was like to turn on the radio and hear a sax solo on every other song played. No more my brother. No more. Again? We can only hope. Today, there are two […]

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Brecker, Higgins and more…

Hello again and welcome to my newest entry. First of all, I’d like to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read. Much has happened since the last entry. First and foremost, Michael Brecker passed away only two weeks ago today. This news saddened many who had heard he was doing better […]

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Lots going on at the SaxShed…

Hello saxophonists, teachers and players alike! Much has happened since the last entry in my blog. First of all, there are several new reviews posted here at Randy Hunter, Greg Fishman and the team of Rosenberg and Weiskopf have all penned new books submitted here for review. Randy Hunter’s series Set the Stage offers […]

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It’s been too long…

Hello to all and welcome to my latest blog entry. It’s been too long since the last entry and lots to tell. 1) Back in April I was happy to report that Michael Brecker told me via email that he was playing some tenor and EWI again. This news was passed on to readers […]

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Lots of new things are happening here…

Hello again and welcome to my newest blog entry! Lots of new things are happening here at The forum is growing slowly and I invite everyone to stop by and get things going. There are lots of people with great ideas and questions that need answers. I welcome posts and inquiries and will try […]

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