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The Boy and the Saxophone

Hello to all and welcome to my blog on The winter weather is behind us in the Northeast and this blog is being written on the front porch following a long day of “Spring Clean Up” around the yard. Everything hurts but a fine cigar a cold beverage and some jazz on the radio […]

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Cigars, Martinis and Saxophones

There is a light rain as I sit under my front porch this evening. This is not an ordinary evening by far. It is a Saturday night and I am happily without a gig. My cigar and martini sit next to me offering companionship in the damp, crisp fall night air. Sounds like the beginning […]

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Rode the “T” into town.

Warmer weather is upon us and there’s much to tell about “Blue” Lou Marini, The Billy Z Memorial Concert, Lessons by Email, Lessons by ShedCam and a visit to Emilio Lyons in Boston. As usual, there are also new transcription samples, Tools in the Shed and Cd Reviews to share. Read on to find out […]

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This Thing Jut SCREAMS!

Hello my fellow sax-surfers and welcome to and my latest blog. As usual, it has been too long since the last installment. Life gets in the way of the internet sometimes. 🙂 Without further delay, let me tell you what news is news. Theo Wanne has released his fourth large chamber mouthpiece DURGA. This […]

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Little Norman

Hello all of you out there in saxophone cyberspace! This latest installment comes to you as the trees in the Northeast are showing their brightest colors of the season. It is truly a beautiful time of year here in New Jersey and especially in New England where I grew up. A couple weeks ago I […]

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Rock and Roll Saxophone Quartet

Hello all! Skip here with another installment of my blog. This time I’m “on the road again” with much to tell about new saxophone publications, recordings and transcriptions. My family and I are traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike, returning from a weekend gig in Pittsburgh. No, a weekend out of town is not officially “on the […]

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Contributions to the World of Saxophone

Springtime is upon us. I do feel a general renewal and regeneration of my spirit as the world around me awakes from the dead of winter. As usual, there are new reviews and transcriptions to view this time around. What is less-than-usual is the number of new submissions for review and artists worthy of a […]

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Once Again, It’s Been Too Long…

It seems too much time passes for all of us between these blogs. Although I set out to write a new blog only weeks or a month apart, time permits only one per season as of late. Late Summer and mid Fall marked the last two entries to my blog and this one comes on […]

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Well I’m sitting here in the crisp fall air writing on the laptop. It’s a far cry from my last entry late in August. Lot’s to tell so I’ll just jump right in… One of the best parts of running is being able to check out new releases and offer some press for deserving […]

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“Reflected The Times”

I sit here writing while on a much-needed vacation in New England. Music is my life, my hobby, my mistress, my distraction and sometimes my frustration. This free time has given me the time to rejuvenate, refresh and recharge my battery. If I could only get my laptop battery to hold a charge! Back to […]

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