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How I Remember Mike:

Michael Brecker was among the first saxophonists I listened to for direction and inspiration. No, I was not alone – but I felt Mike was playing especially for me – I still do.

I first met Mike at a clinic held in St. Louis. I don’t remember the college but I was playing at a hotel club in the area. The drummer with our road band heard an advertisement on the radio telling that Mike would be at the local college for a daytime clinic and nightime performance. I was able to make the clinic, borrowing a van from the keyboard player.

The clinic opened with Mike introduced and then sitting on the edge of the stage answering questions from the audience. Only at the end did he play with a student rhytm section. He may have played drums – it’s been a long time and my memory fades.

During the Q and A, I asked Mike if he relied more on the studio or live performance for the bulk of his income. His answer was “both”.

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