Back to the masterclass. The songs from this demo tape came out well and reflected the times. “Reflected the times” is also a nice way of saying “Now they sound dated.” They were good tunes in my estimation, so why not finally have them heard?! These tunes and one more recent will be the focus of the newest CD for SJ. I expect that it will be as useful and well received as previous offerings.

Sal Lozano is one of the busiest saxophonists in L.A. and the subject of my most recent interview for SJ. You can find a “teaser” here along other complete interviews and the complete interview will be published first in Saxophone Journal and then mirrored here on Sal and I spoke for HOURS about the recording business, playing the other woodwinds (doubling) and many other fascinating topics related to saxophone performance and education. Sal was gracious enough to share some of his warm ups for flute and clarinet and they have been posted here as well. Keep your eyes on SJ as I’m not sure which issue it will first be published.

A byproduct of interviewing many well-known saxophonists is reconnecting with old friends and colleagues. Interviewing Sal was no different. Many of the fellow saxophonists who attended Berklee College of Music with me back in the early 80s have also been working alongside Sal for several years. Mark Pinto, Brian Williams, Scott Rowe, Doug Webb, Frank Machia and Mark Hollingsworth are among those I can remember at present. It was good to hear about all of them from Sal. Frank Machia was kind enough to send his latest recordings and those will be reviewed here as well.

A couple months ago I wrote a short account of my personal recollections and interactions with Michael Brecker. There was really no intended purpose for the writing but I just poured out of me – as many of these blogs do. I’ve decided to include this short tribute to Mike on the website for anyone interested. You can find it here.

Well, as summer comes to an end many of us will be returning to the normal routine in September. I look forward to new challenges with greater rewards. To all who read this, I wish you every happiness and success as well.

Stay well and play well.