Anna Bosi and Echoes Productions have released Psaico Bop by Tiziano Zanotti and Alessio Alberghini. Alberghini is prominently featured on soprano and baritone saxophone, as is Zanotti on double bass and cello. The additional musicians include Fabrizio Puglisi on piano and Claudio Trotta on drums.

The fourteen cuts with eclectic titles range from Al Segno and Punk Meditation to Nippo Drama. The music of the ensemble is highly improvisational and experimental in nature and no attempt will be made here to further categorize or describe this music. The liner notes explain better than this reviewer is able.

Enrico Malucelli writes, “Refined, elusive and esoteric in certain passages, “Psaico Bob” is characterized by its pronounced quest for a significant language as well as accomplished and well-rounded aesthetical consistency. The pulsating-rhythmic force of the double-bass binds all, with Zanotti claiming the role of the leader who is never complacent, but rather constructs a type of natural platform for the simultaneously auroral and crepuscular sound of Albergheni’s sax that in certain passages reaches summits of outstanding lyricism in this winning interplay, the piano of Puglisi combines technique, intuition and musical inspiration in a superlative manner to bring substance and meaning to the whole.”

Malucelli’s words continue for a few more sentences that attempt to capture their sounds recorded in 20008 at Full Digital Recording Studio.

If your curiosity is peaked, you can find out more about Anna Bosi and Echoes here