The Landrus Kaleidoscope – CapsuleMulti-instrumentalist Brian Landrus and his group The Landrus Kaleidoscope has recently released “Capsule” on BlueLand Records. The contemporary jazz recording features Landrus on baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and bass flute. In addition to the low woodwind voices of Landrus’ playing, he is joined by Michael Cain on keyboards, Nir Felder; guitar, Matthew Parish; bass and Rudy Royston on drums.

Landrus obviously has an affinity for the big horns as demonstrated on the opening cuts Striped Phase and Like the Wind. He chooses to play bass clarinet and bass flute respectively.

Beauty and the slower I Promise provide an opportunity for Landrus to share his wonderful bass clarinet playing both on the melodic statements and more rambunctious solo sections.

It is not until the title track, Capsule in which we hear Brian Landrus on baritone saxophone. Wide Sky and Now also feature Landrus on baritone saxophone.

On the cut 71 and On the Road Landrus layers the bass clarinet and baritone sax in order to create a unique sound not heard elsewhere on “Capsule.”

Brian Landrus has surrounded himself with a fine cast of like-minded musicians who create some unique and original jazz music on “Capsule.”

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