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December 12, 2018

New Chedeville Mouthpiece Range Launches with Chedeville Elite Series Clarinet Models

Savannah, GA…..The new range of Chedeville Clarinet and Saxophone mouthpieces will be launched at the 2019 Winter NAMM show. Among the first models to be introduced will be the Chedeville Elite Series Bb Clarinet mouthpieces. Since the acquisition by JodyJazz Inc of the famous Chedeville Company, Jody Espina and his advisory team of experienced players and educators have been working around the clock to develop this new range.

The Chedeville Elite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece creates a warm beautiful clarinet tone with excellent control and intonation. The medium length classic ‘Chedeville facing curve’ produces a warm yet strong, full tone with playability that is unsurpassed. The Chedeville Elite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is available in a comprehensive selection of tip openings (1/100 MM): F0 (100), F1 (105), F2 (110), F3 (115), F4 (120), F5 (125).

“Articulation, pianissimo to fortissimo dynamics, your ability to express the beauty of the clarinet and the music you are playing are at the forefront of all our decisions in designing and creating the Elite clarinet mouthpiece,” said Jody Espina, Presidentof JodyJazz/Chedeville.

“No expense has been spared in creating the Elite model clarinet mouthpiece,” continued Espina. “Starting with our proprietary ‘Chedeville Rubber’, which is a more pure rod ebonite that recreates the great rod rubber of Pre-World War II legendary Chedeville mouthpieces. All the mouthpieces in the range made from thisproprietary hard rubber will bear the ‘CHR’ mark. If you don’t see the symbol CHRon the mouthpiece, it’s not made from genuine ‘Chedeville Rubber’.”

During the development of these new mouthpieces the company deployed the most advanced form of digital scanning to analyze many legendary vintage Chedeville


clarinet mouthpieces to ensure that they were starting with a true Chedeville mouthpiece ‘blank’. Over the course of the design and development process, several hundred prototypes were made in search of the ultimate clarinet mouthpiece deserving of the name ‘Chedeville’.

The new range of Chedeville mouthpieces are manufactured from beginning to end at the JodyJazz/Chedeville factory in Savannah, Georgia using state of the art CNC machines and expert mouthpiece artisans on the crucial and indispensable handwork. The company has made consistency it’s number one priority and as a result has instituted the most extensive series of mandatory measurements and play testing in the industry.

In addition to the Chedeville Elite Bb Clarinet mouthpieces, the company is also launching the Chedeville RC Series Saxophone mouthpieces offering Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone models. Ultimately the Chedeville line will offer a complete selection of Classical Clarinet and Classical Saxophone Mouthpieces.

The new Chedeville Elite Series Bb Clarinet mouthpiece have an MSRP of $450.00 For more information visit

Photo Caption: The New Chedeville Elite Series Bb Clarinet mouthpiece