Metronome Plus – Joseph LeBlancClarinetist and app developer Joseph LeBlanc introduced his iPhone app Metronome Plus last year. The inexpensive app is a bargain at $1.99US. Presently it can be downloaded free for a limited time.

Metronome Plus offers many features shared with more sophisticated devices such as settings for Accents, various Subdivisions, Meters and Sounds. The tempo can be changed using either the plus or minus icons or from scrolling on the center dial icon. There is also a simulated light bar for a visual representation of the beat moving from left to right. In addition to the extra “bells and whistles” contained within Metronome Plus, the interface is attractive as well as user-friendly.

Although not clear at first, the Tap Tempo feature IS part of build 1.2.1 While looking over other reviews about this app I read one shortcoming was the lack of a tap tempo feature. This is not the case with Metronome Plus 1.2.1 and perhaps the review in question was a reference to the first release. The handy tap tempo feature is easily explained in the accompanying tutorial.

Like many of the sounds on the iPhone, they can best be appreciated through a set of good headphones or earbuds. The built-in speaker on the iPhone is adequate for practicing clarinet and flute at moderate volume while still hearing the metronome. The use of headphones or external speaker may be helpful if practicing saxophone or other instruments at louder volume levels.

One feature I may suggest for upcoming versions would be the ability to rotate in any direction within Metronome Plus. It will rotate the orientation of the screen 180º in either landscape position but won’t rotate to the portrait (default) position of the iPhone screen.

All in all, Metronome Plus by Joseph LeBlanc is a great little iPhone app that I will use often! It can be yours for free for a limited time! or at iTunes.