Greg Fishman has released his third installment of his take on jazz saxophone playing. His first two books Jazz Saxophone Etudes Vol. 1 and Jazz Saxophone Duets, both received critical acclaim by teachers and players alike. James Moody, Jerry Coker, Plas Johnson, Mark Colby, Gary Campbell and Bob Sheppard as well as the late Michael Brecker have all lended their praise for Fishman’s books. Can they all be wrong? Absolutely not! Greg Fishman’s books are outstanding gems with comprehensive information from explanation to play-along. Not only is the information there for the taking but also Fishman’s demonstrations on both tenor and alto saxophone are swinging and flawless. His sound and pitch is something any teacher should have absolutely no trouble telling a student to use as a model while playing along at home. Fishman sounds equally adept on both the alto and tenor saxophone voices. I wonder how good he sounds on soprano and baritone? – I would imagine pretty darn good!Jazz Etudes Level 2

Fishman is a native of Chicago who has recently moved to Arizona where he enjoys a prosperous career as both a player and educator. The vocabulary demonstrated in his etudes is pure bebop, tried and true. They feel great in your fingers and sound wonderful to your ears.

Each of the 12 etudes is named after a different street in Chicago – a nice tribute to the place he was born back in 1967. Fishman has been playing professionally since age 14 and earned a Masters in Jazz Pedagogy from Northwestern University. Neither of these accomplishments is lost on the etudes. The ideas presented in this book – and those before it – represent a dedication to the music called Jazz.

The two CDs, one each for alto and tenor, feature Fishman along with Dennis Luxion on piano, Eric Hochberg on bass and Phil Gratteau on drums. The world-class rhythm section swings hard as Fishman demonstrates each etude succinctly and with great precision.

There are many composers, saxophonists, and educators out there who possess these three unique abilities. Often one facet of their musicianship outshines another. Not with Greg Fishman. Fishman shows he is equally adept at composing, performing and teaching the concepts included in these etudes. They are a “MUST HAVE” for any saxophonist, or student of the instrument.