I Carry You Heart, written for his wife, is a tender, contemporary ballad. It moves along rather as one might expect with the exception of some lyrical flutes and voices behind Rojas’ lush tenor sound. Anibal Rojas can burn on the tenor but here he lets his sound speak more than his technique.

Walking, Stellaluna and the more traditional Latin Live Crickets provide the listener with a more comprehensive look and listen to Anibal Rojas musicianship.

As the liner notes indicate, Rojas is a family man. He has penned songs for several family members on this release under his own name. Lay Down is dedicated to his mother. He writes, “A song about peace for my mother.” The song is hypnotizing with the sounds of quenas, quenacho, ocarina and acoustic guitar.

Just when you think you have a pretty good idea of what Anibal Rojas has up his musical sleeve he surprises you once again with The Midnight Zone. The sound of the EWI teases with shades of Brecker – how can it not? Rojas shows he has command of this instrument as well.

The final track Los Andes, Part 2 really sums up the experiences on this musical journey entitled ah-knee-ball. Now we can hear another voice from Rojas, this time the soprano sax. 

Lastly, Anibal pays homage to likely his biggest influence, Michael Brecker on the bonus track Missing Brecker. The piano and tenor duo features Barry Sames underscoring Rojas’ mournful subtone. There are Mikisms (is that a word?) sprinkled throughout and a fitting tribute to the legendary tenor man now gone.

Anibal Rojas has put together a world class, world music influenced Cd with ah-knee-ball. He clearly demonstrates that he has many diverse voices all within this one musician’s soul.

You can find out more about Anibal Rojas and his recordings at anibalrojas.com