practice plus

Clarinetist and app developer Joseph LeBlanc recently introduced his iPhone app Practice Plus. The inexpensive, multitasking app is a bargain at $3.99US. Building upon the success of Metronome+, Practice+ offers many features shared with more sophisticated metronomes such as settings for accents, various subdivisions, meters and sounds.

In addition to the metronome, Practice+ includes a tuner, recorder and place to store setlists. The ability to multitask with the tuner and metronome or recorder and metronome were two features I found particularly useful. The mono recordings made by the recorder can be made with the metronome running however the app suggests using headphones. Once the recordings are made, a simple interface allows you to share via social media or email.

I could not test the app on my iPhone as I am still using iOS6 on my iPhone 4. iOs 7 is required so I did the testing on my 4th generation iPad. Like many of the sounds on the iPhone, they can best be appreciated through a set of good headphones or earbuds. The built-in speaker on the iPhone is adequate for practicing clarinet and flute at moderate volume while still hearing the metronome. The use of headphones or external speaker may be helpful if practicing saxophone or other instruments at louder volume levels.

One feature I had suggested for the original version of Metronome+ was the ability to rotate the screen in any direction. Practice+ by Joseph LeBlanc works in portrait or landscape mode just fine. Practice+ is a great little app – or bunch of apps all in one – that I will use often!

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