J.P. DeLaire  - In my LifeFunky and soulful R&B saxophonist J.P. DeLaire has recently released In My Life as well as his single The Game of Love on Tender Girl Music. J.P DeLaire may not yet be a household name however he has been keeping good company since attending Berklee College of Music.  J.P. (Jason Peterson) DeLaire is a member of the famed “Peterson Family” of Minneapolis, MN. He has toured with both Prince and Michael Bolton.  DeLaire most recently toured to promote Bolton’s latest, The Best of Michael Bolton.

In My Life features DeLaire on vocals, keyboards and just a bit of saxophone. There are 10 funky grooves painstakingly recorded by DeLaire that all feature his own blend of hip-hop, smooth jazz and pop R&B.

It is refreshing to hear the saxophone treated as a solo instrument within contemporary tunes such as these. Although the first hint of saxophone comes in 2:30 into the first cut – It IS there. This cannot be said of most of pop music in the 21st century. DeLaire features his compositions and vocals much more prominently than the saxophone – likely by design.

Being a saxophonist, the cut that speaks to this writer most is Last Call, a jam band groove set up by DeLaire’s alto saxophone at its best.

In the end In My Life offers the listener an ample sampling of J.P. DeLaire’s multi-talents on vocals, keyboards and of course – saxophone.