New York Brothers Alto Sax MouthpieceTheo Wanne has recently released The New York Brothers Alto Sax Mouthpiece. The piece is a combination of all the seemingly magical qualities of the old Meyer Brothers mouthpieces along with the benefits of Theo’s master design and craftsmanship. To look at the mouthpiece you would never guess it was as affordable as the $295 listed on his site – a far cry from the price of a GOOD vintage mouthpiece.

I had the opportunity to try both a 6 and 7 tip opening. The 6 just automatically worked with the Java 3 (Green Box) that I have used for so long. While the 7 had potential, it didn’t respond with the #3 reeds as well as the 6. Rather than trying more reed strengths and perhaps another cut or brand, I opted to enjoy playing the 6 and not mess further with the 7!

Like any good mouthpiece, I would expect a good core sound and the line to be even up and down the horn. The NY Bros. is everything expected in that regard. While I wouldn’t characterize the mouthpiece as “stuffy” there is an attractive amount of resistance necessary for that traditional jazz/bop style of playing. It is neither free-blowing nor stuffy. It is right down the middle as I would expect from a good, vintage Meyer.

Speaking of good, vintage Meyers – I have only owned one expensive NY Meyer but have owned countless others in the last 30 years! The expensive NY Meyer was sold off because it was worth more to someone else than I could justify for keeping it. This New York Brothers from Theo Wanne is a wonderful alternative to searching for a vintage Meyer, having it refaced and hoping it is what you were looking for!

Right out of the box, Theo has produced an attractive, high quality, great playing, great sounding, reasonably-priced, versatile alto saxophone mouthpiece.

The video clip demo shows the obvious traditional jazz side of this mouthpiece as well as the other colors it can take on in differing styles.

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