Recently and unexpectedly flip book magazine shutdown operations. Many of SJ’s writers, including this writer had enjoyed a long tenure with Saxophone Journal Magazine prior to working with Saxophone Today. I was happy to contribute a big band themed article as well as a play-along duet for each issue of ST flip book magazine. 21 duets in various jazz styles were published along with recordings for alto and tenor saxophone. In addition to the duets themselves, an audio introduction with tips for successful playing and performance were included. The 22nd duet was submitted to ST but sadly never published there.

The untimely end of both these publications presented the opportunity to publish these same 22 duets and recordings here on

The Jazz Saxophone Duets have been reorganized, reedited and repackaged for distribution on They are available individually by difficulty (7 Easy, 7 Intermediate and 8 Advanced) or as a discounted package for all three. $11.95 for each book or $29.95 for all three.

These “jazz” duets for saxophone range in style from simple blues, Latin, ballad, funk to fast bebop and challenging post-bop. The line between jazz and other styles is blurred a bit with some 12 tone writing and more traditional selections thrown in as well.
Please check out these YouTube videos to have a look and a listen to these new duets. Then you can download directly at
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The Complete Jazz Saxophone Duets (including play-along recordings) are available through HERE.