Lee Actor - Saxophone ConcertoComposer and former software engineer Lee Actor has released his latest release on Novona Records. The compositions are written for saxophone, alto horn and orchestra.

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1952, Lee Actor set out on a path that would lead him to becoming a full-time composer. Unlike many who choose one course of study in their formative years, Actor chose to study and explore music and engineering almost simultaneously. As of 2001 he has focused completely on his compositional efforts. Of particular note is this new recording featuring the classical alto saxophone of Debra Richtmeyer and the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.

Steven Ledbetter’s informative liner notes explain Lee Actor’s professional path best. He also describes the composer’s style better than most could attempt.

“Actor’s music is filled with rhythmic drive and shows a superb ear for orchestral color. He often sets a rhythmic ostinato, such as steady 16th notes, running through the texture of the piece, making other figures toe the mark in a dynamic situation fraught with challenge, And when that ostinato suddenly stops for a moment, or changes pace, the result can be a strong visceral reaction from the listener caught up in the energy of the passage. Often he builds up a work by emphasizing one or another of the instrumental families – woodwinds, brass, and strings – then mixes them I a rich impasto of orchestral color. In the process he creates music that catches the ear and draws the listener into a world of emotion and drama,”  – Steven Ledbetter

Lovers on classical saxophone will surely enjoy this recording. The compositional material is performed to near perfection and Richtmeyer is clearly in command of her instrument.

You can learn more about Lee Actor at his website, http://www.leeactor.com/

You can learn more about Novana Records at http://navonarecords.com/