John Escreet – The Age We Live InKeyboardist John Escreet has recently released “The Age We Live In” on Mythology Records. Escreet has put together and eclectic and energized ensemble consisting of David Binney, alto saxophone, electronics; Wayne Krantz, guitar; and Marcus Gilmore, drums & percussion. Additional musicians credited are Tim Lefebvre, bass; Brad Mason, trumpet/Max Seigel, trombone and strings by Christian Howes.

From the onset of this experimental recording two things are clear: There are some fine musicians on this recording and they are not playing mainstream jazz.

David Binney is a wonderfully talented alto saxophonist who I would love to hear in a more traditional setting. He clearly has a great command of the instrument and an identifiable sound. Both Binney and co-producer John Escreet demonstrate some spirited and inspired playing. Marcus Gilmore’s drum sound is punchy and suits the sound of the ensemble well.

“The Age We Live In” begins with Intro and ends with Outro. These are two very short pieces that form bookends for the remaining 10 longer, more complex compositions.

My two favorite cuts on “The Age We Live In” are the funky and driving Half Baked and the ballad Another Life, both of which feature David Binney on alto saxophone.

Many jazz enthusiasts who are looking for something out of the ordinary and well executed will likely enjoy this recording by John Escreet and his ensemble. Each and every musician on the recording possesses impressive technique and musicianship. They may not cultivate a mainstream following among casual jazz listeners, however they will likely garner critical acclaim from their peers and fellow musicians.

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