The New SUPER JET Mouthpiece from JodyJazz.

The New SUPER JET Mouthpiece from JodyJazz.

Savannah, GA…..JodyJazz Inc has announced the introduction of a brand-new saxophone mouthpiece series named the SUPER JET. Building on the success of its popular JET Series, the all new SUPER JET is specifically designed for the ‘Smooth Jazz’ player.

Made in the company’s dedicated factory in Savannah, Georgia, the new SUPER JET Saxophone mouthpiece series has been developed to offer an even brighter, bolder and more powerful mouthpiece than the original JET. The SUPER JET benefits from the deployment of several of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques developed by the company during the design and development of its DV, GIANT and JET Series.

“The SUPER JET has been developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Rock and Funk player in mind,” said company President Jody Espina. “It’s a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics we have not offered in our range up until this time. It’s going to give you more power, more edge and more altissimo.”

The SUPER JET is constructed from virgin brass and is sterling silver plated. It features a new design that delivers a noticeably brighter and more focused sound even than the original JET Series.

“I wanted to apply many of the characteristics that had proved so popular with the JET Series to a metal mouthpiece,” continued Espina. “The result has been far beyond our expectations. I feel now for the first time, we have a mouthpiece that spectacularly provides the tonality and performance that the majority of Smooth Jazz players are looking for. But still without sacrificing bottom in the tone and the free blowing nature that has become synonymous with JodyJazz pieces.”

The new JodyJazz SUPER JET mouthpiece will be available first in the Alto model. It is available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 tip opening and comes with a Rico H Ligature, Cap and Pouch. Like all JodyJazz mouthpieces, every single SUPER JET mouthpiece is fully gauged and play tested by our experienced professional saxophone players before it leaves the factory. The SUPER JET has an MSRP of $350.00