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Jim Miller – A Brief History of Jim Miller Time

 Recently at the Rowan University Jazz Festival I was greeted by drummer and faculty member Jim Miller. He handed me his newest CD entitled A Brief History of Jim Miller Time and said, “A little music for you.” Well, it’s A LOT of music – encompassing the last quarter century of Miller’s illustrious career as musician and drummer. (yes, drummers are musicians too!)

While listening to the CD a couple times I kept reading and referring to the liner notes penned by Dr. Robert Rawlins also of Rowan University. Rawlin’s fluent wordsmithmanship (is that a word?) has been featured in Saxophone Journal, Woodwind Player and Downbeat magazines as well as other educational journals. Dr. Rawlin’s (Dr. Bob to those who know him from A.C.) liner notes are written so well that I chose to include his words here. Thanks for the permission Dr. Bob!

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DURGA by Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces

Theo Wanne recently released his newest mouthpiece DURGA from Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces. According to, “The DURGA is the culmination of many years of research and testing…No longer do we, as saxophonists, have to suffer with a thin and nasal sound in order to get huge power and projection. The DURGA is at once, powerful and hugely projecting and fat, warm, and huge! The combination is just downright sexy!“

This new Wanne endeavor, run by Theo and brother Tom, replaced a couple years ago.  The original website and shop was a haven for vintage mouthpiece connoisseurs and players seeking quality refacing on pieces of any kind. I was also a customer when Theo’s shop was located in Philadelphia. It is worth noting that the majority of the pieces I play on today all have had Theo’s touch applied to them.

No less than five mouthpieces complete the current line of Theo Wanne Classic Mouthpieces. AMMA was the flagship model released some two years ago. PARVATI and KALI followed last year and now AMBIKA and DURGA have been “unleashed.”

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Virtuoso Saxophones by R.S. Berkeley

R.S. Berkeley has recently released their new, professional “Virtuoso” line of saxophones. Virtuoso alto and tenor saxophone models are currently manufactured in China and distributed in the U.S. They are offered in gold lacquer, gold plating, silver plating, black lacquer and matte finishes.

The saxophone in its present form has not changed significantly since the modifications implemented by Selmer in the 1950s. As a result, the Selmer Mark VI is the standard by which all other saxophones are measured. With the continued popularity of the Selmer Mark VI, which was made from 1955 to 1975, the resale market has shot up sharply over the past couple of decades. Now more than 30 years since the last Mark VI was made, the marketplace has become flooded with many lesser-expensive yet high-quality saxophones. Virtuoso Saxophones by R.S. Berkeley are among the relative newcomers to this same, new market.

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This Thing Jut SCREAMS!

Hello my fellow sax-surfers and welcome to and my latest blog. As usual, it has been too long since the last installment. Life gets in the way of the internet sometimes. 🙂

Without further delay, let me tell you what news is news. Theo Wanne has released his fourth large chamber mouthpiece DURGA. This thing just SCREAMS! This piece works very well for me and gives that beefy tenor sound many of us seek out. It seems best suited for louder, more intense playing but don’t be fooled. DURGA is a masterful piece of eye and ear candy that can be tamed to play in more sensitive situations as well. Read more about the DURGA and hear some various clips here .

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